Wild Fennel Vodka

Wild Fennel Vodka

Most alcohol infusions take weeks to get the best flavour. Wild fennel, amongst a few other, is an exception. Wild fennel’s amazing strong aniseed flavour infuses in a matter of days! If you like pernod, ouzo and other aniseed flavoured spirits, you’ll love that you can make your own from foraged ingredients. You can use this infusion as a base for cocktails to, such as my Runner’s Sunrise or Fennel Fizz.

This recipe makes an infusion. You can add sugar to make a liqueur, but I keep it as is and use syrups to sweeten if I need to.


  • Enough wild fennel leaves to fill a jar to 2/3 full
  • Enough Vodka to cover all the fennel


  1. I don’t wash ingredients before using them in infusions (they’re going into strong alcohol, after all), but if you do make sure you shake off most of the water. Either way, make sure there’s nothing alive in your fennel leaves.
  2. Pack the fennel leaves loosely into a jar, about 2/3 full.
  3. Fill the jar to the top with vodka (medium quality or filtered vodka – don’t use cheap spirits), and make sure that no leaves are uncovered.
  4. Leave the jar in a room-temperature spot, preferably in sunlight for 3 days.

Filter your vodka through muslin into a clean bottle, and you’re done. Enjoy!

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