Elder Monograph (Sambucus nigra)

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Crow garlic monograph (Allium vineale)


Poppy seed, elderflower and lemon drizzle cake recipe


Wild Spiced Panforte recipe

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Inside you’ll find over 100 detailed monographs about edible and poisonous plants, trees, seaweed and fungus. Each monograph contains details of how to identify it, pictures, suggestions of how you can use it, when and where to find it, potential lookalikes that it might be confused with and so on. Each item is also further categorised by its family, which parts can be used, any applicable warnings and so on.

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Featured Family – Lamiaceae

Mint or Deadnettle family Size: 236 genera, 7500 species Notable genera: Basil (Ocimum), mint (Mentha), sage (Salvia), thyme (Thymus), rosemary (Rosmarinus), lavender (Lavandula), oregano (Origanum), catnip (Nepeta), bee balm (Monarda), woundworts (Stachys), deadnettles (Lamium), hemp nettles (Galeopsis), and teak (Tectona)....
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Featured Content

Ground Ivy Crème with Bilberry Iced Granita

This recipe serves 4 but you can scale it up or down as required. Although it's a member of the mint family, I've always thought...
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White deadnettle

Commonly confused with stinging nettles, especially before it flowers, but if you look really closely it doesn't have the stinging hairs; Also, a top tip...
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Ground Ivy Chicken ‘n’ Bacon

This is my take on a classic chicken breast stuffed with garlic butter and wrapped in bacon. For this I’ve added a layer of ground...
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Ground Ivy

The taste of Ground Ivy raw is so pungent that it is difficult for most people to chew an entire leaf; However, that flavour mellows considerably on cooking, and so makes an excellent addition for stock, sauces and gravies.
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