Elder Monograph (Sambucus nigra)


Crow garlic monograph (Allium vineale)


Poppy seed, elderflower and lemon drizzle cake recipe


Wild Spiced Panforte recipe

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Featured Family – Lamiaceae

Mint or Deadnettle family Size: 236 genera, 7500 species Notable genera: Basil (Ocimum), mint (Mentha), sage (Salvia), thyme (Thymus), rosemary (Rosmarinus), lavender (Lavandula), oregano (Origanum), catnip (Nepeta), bee balm (Monarda), woundworts (Stachys), deadnettles (Lamium), hemp nettles (Galeopsis), and teak (Tectona)....
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Ground Ivy

The taste of Ground Ivy raw is so pungent that it is difficult for most people to chew an entire leaf; However, that flavour mellows considerably on cooking, and so makes an excellent addition for stock, sauces and gravies.
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Black Horehound

It is a common, perhaps unremarkable, plant with one defining feature - its pungent, rotten smell. This smell, particularly apparent when the leaves are crushed, keeps herbivores away and gives it a local name of 'Stinking roger' in some places.
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